Please Note

We do not accept firearms into our stock or storage should the white license expire, we may only process the transfer of ownership forms should the license be valid or before 90 days of the expiry date. Should the license expire you have to hand it in to your local police station

We only payout for the firearm once it has been transferred into our dealer stock depending on the sale.

We do accept licenses that are in the ID book or Green Card as it falls under the old Act. Before the firearm can be signed over, we need to phone CFR to confirm the expiry date.

The Firearms Control Act, 2000 (Act No 60 of 2000), aims at ensuring that a person is competent to possess a firearm.


  • You must successfully complete the prescribed test at an accredited training provider to prove your knowledge of the Act. On receipt of the training certificate from an accredited training provider or Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority (Sasseta), you may apply to the South African Police Service for a competency certificate.
  • Take the following documentation with you to the designated firearms officer (DFO) at the police station nearest to where you reside:
    • Your official identity document
    • The original firearm licence, permit or authorisation for a firearm you wish to renew, your training certificate obtained from an accredited training provider and your competency certificate (if it has already been issued)
    • Four unobscured passport size colour photographs, not older than three months (two photographs for the firearm licence and two for the application for a competence certificate)
  • Complete the relevant sections of the following forms –
    • Application for a competence certificate – SAPS 517
    • Application for renewal of licence – SAPS 517(e)
  • The DFO will take a full set of fingerprints for the competency certificate application.
  • The DFO will issue you with a SAPS 523(a) remittance advice and direct you to the financial office at the police station to pay the applicable fees of R70,00 for the competency certificate and R70,00 for each firearm licence you wish to renew. The payment must be made by means of cash or a bank-guaranteed cheque. You will be issued with a receipt (Z263) as proof of the payment. Submit the Z263 to the DFO so that the processing of your application can continue.
  • You will receive a signed acknowledgement of receipt as proof that you submitted the respective application for the renewal of your firearm.
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